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Design Can Change

Through the years we’ve offered education and choices to our clients that involved maximizing resources – in various forms – their time, their money, their business processes, etc. When I really thought about it, I wanted to take the sustainability message to the next level with the rebranding of WWD. I wanted something more than just ideas on how to recycle and found it in a site called “Design Can Change”.

dcc_tab_120x60Design Can Change is a site that talks about how much influence designers have with their purchasing power on climate change. Now this was interesting! Creating a design is pretty green, especially if you’ve managed to have a paperless office (still working on that one). But producing those designs is where you can have a choice in how your work impacts the environment, now this is a powerful idea!

The site asks designers and consumers to take a pledge to learn, think, act, inform, and unite. I took that pledge because I think as designers, we can all do more to make less waste; and as consumers we can all do more to use less. By better examining the goal of a project there may be better answers than print 5,000 brochures – maybe you design an interactive iPad kiosk instead (and email a PDF brochure to those that sign up).

Imagine if we all thought more about the life span and end use of what we buy, consume, and design. I don’t think this would mean less design but something even better – stronger, well thought out design, that will offer more complete solutions. It will make all of our lives better. And that is our goal. To help grow your company, help everyone feel good and improve your karma!

Wild Woman Karma Cards

Wild Woman Karma Cards offer me the opportunity to share two of my passions with you — nature photography and conservation! The images are from various locations, from my backyard to vacations on the other side of the globe. The natural world is amazing and beautiful and I hope to share that with you. Each card has a description on the back, a blank panel for a personal note, and the cover can be removed and reused as a postcard.

You can purchase Wild Woman Karma Cards through my Zazzle store. On demand printing saves resources, and online ordering with delivery saves you some gas!

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