Laura Donnell Furumoto
Laura Donnell Furumoto Owner of Marketing to Go
I was introduced to Karin by a client of mine and will forever be grateful. Since then, Karin has been one of my “go to” people anytime one of my clients or colleagues needs design services. The value that she provides the client is outstanding. Karin’s creativity is in tune with the customer’s needs and she maintains a strategic business perspective so that each project stays on target and on time. She is not an artist who gets lost in a creative process, but instead applies all of her talents in a focused effort to help my clients achieve their goals and objectives. I was so impressed by Karin’s work that when it came to brand my own company, I asked Karin to be part of my trusted team to design my Marketing to Go logo and website. Everything about Karin is in alignment and is consistent. That establishes an immediate trust factor. Her consistent even keel nature, nurturing spirit, and superior talents not only help make the world a better place from a big picture/long term perspective, but she is helping businesses large and small grow and thrive every day. I highly recommend working with Karin for any graphic design needs.
Kristin Battista-Frazee, MSW
Kristin Battista-Frazee, MSW Director, Marketing at 2U (formerly 2tor)
Karin has been a lifesaver when it comes to creating great graphic designs, quickly. She also really helped me conceptualize new ways to present our e-learning services and has introduced me to other great vendors like editors, printers and direct mail resources. Karin is my marketing go-to person.
Tara Fort
Tara Fort Owner - WEB Writer Pro and Memoir Creations
Karin Wilson of Wild Woman Design created our member newsletter when I worked for a high-end, high-net-worth-client golf course community. She and I collaborated really well, and she brought new ideas to the forefront while willingly sharing her information and product knowledge. Since that time, Karin has been a continual valuable resource for me from idea implementation to prospect connections and referrals. I trust her judgment, her creativity and her insight and would not hesitate to provide a positive recommendation of her services.
Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) Creative Concepts and Copywriting
As a copywriter, I’ve worked with many designers over the years. Karin is one of the best. Not only is she extremely talented but also she is very easy to work with. I know when I bring a client to her, that client will be thrilled with the completed project. I highly recommend Wild Woman Design.
Linda Forbes
Linda Forbes Quality Sotware Solutions
Using Karin for our design work has made a huge difference in our business. We participate in several trade shows each year and Karin designs both the booth and handouts. Not only are we always receiving compliments on how professional our materials look, but also every single time our materials blow our competition out of the water. I also know that due to her design, we caught the attention of a large software company and are now one of the company’s preferred providers. The quality of her work has made our company look bigger than it is. And she has a knack for knowing what I want and making it happen visually, even when I have problems expressing my ideas. Karin has always done a great job for us.
Hazel Bowman
Hazel Bowman Owner of
It’s one thing to have an idea. Making that idea come to life with a bold “Here I am!” presence is another thing altogether. That’s why wanted no other company than Wild Woman Design to create its Web Site.

Guided only by explicit instructions what didn’t want, Wild Woman Design, with an eye for detail, went to work, creating and altering, shaping and structuring until the site was ready to be launched. Today is known as the fastest growing phenomenon in the tri-city area.

Wild Woman Design continues to work on projects, from the e-zine Making It Happen newsletter series to marketing brochures. That’s because we demand the best. Whether it’s originality, professionalism, meeting target deadlines, or a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, Wild Woman Design delivers. recommends no other.

Robert Gabhart
Robert Gabhart Owner of Mobile Notary Fast
I commissioned Karin to improve the overall design of our primary mailer at Freight Capital. She is very creative, keeps an eye on the bottom line, and is a lot of fun to work with. The result of her efforts was a significant lift in the response rate, which was confirmed in an A – B split test. Bottom line, Karin is an expert in designing a product that will work effectively in the marketplace. I was impressed with her responsiveness in getting the work to me ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Karin’s very creative services.