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Food Consulting Company is owned by Karen Duester. She creates the nutrition fact panels that you see on the back of almost every piece of food that you buy. As her product is  integral to her brand, she has incorporated a fact panel into all facets of her marketing and advertising. The business card and letterhead go together nicely. On the letterhead the background image of the fact panel was cropped to keep the letter area clear. The background art is a subtle reminder of what Food Consulting Company does for their clients.

We also worked together to come up with a giveaway that tied into food, but did not contain food. She didn’t want to send competitors food to her clients as gifts! So we came up with an idea to send recipes with nutrition facts, along with a cookie cutter.

On version is the thank you and holiday greeting, with the gingerbread man cookie cutter. The star box is for people that have attended and completed a workshop with Karen. This is also a thank you and tells the recipient that they are a star! A final box is planned with set of 5 cookie cutters in it for sending out as thank yous to people who provide testimonials.

Karen has gotten a lot of good feedback on the thank you boxes. One person let her know that the gift has created a new tradition with her grand-daughter, making cookies together at Christmas. What a way to reach out and touch your clients and get them engaged with your brand