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This was a fun project for Cathy Wilson, owner of The Word Wizard, which offers writing and editing to its clients. We discussed the process of writing,what she liked about it and what imagery would appeal to her target audience.

This card shows a rather romantic view of a writer’s creative process with a pot of tea, nice notebooks, pen and glasses. Take a look at the photo on the left. Instead of one business card design with all of those images on one card, we created 4 “looks” by overlapping the images in the background. See how the book in the middle ties all four business card “designs” together? Because the cards are grouped in the printing process as 4-up (4 to a sheet of paper), the client has a variety in design without any additional cost. The cards are also a great conversation starter during networking and other events. The premise is similar to printing three bookmarks out of one postcard for Kenna’s project.