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Part of our vision at Wild Woman Design is to create designs that will inspire and delight our clients and their customers in a way that encourages them to appreciate beauty and to preserve it wherever they find it. This Journal is a great example. The Torrey Pines Association is a fund-raising organization established to protect the rare Torrey Pines tree located in Torrey Pines Reserve. It is an incredible place with cliffs, shade covered trails, historic buildings, and wildflowers, all located right in the middle of some densely populated ocean towns in San Diego. The Journal showcases the beauty of the Reserve and is sent out to donors, and also available in the Lodge for free (while supplies last)! This is one of my favorite projects because the reserve and subject matter are just so beautiful! And it is a cause that I support personally.

Every issue has a theme. I designed the cover to have two large images to promote the theme. Most articles inside follow the theme and there are lots of images and color in every issue. The Journal is available as a PDF online. The Journal is also an opportunity for me to share another one of my passions – photography. I am dedicated to the Reserve’s preservation and spend so much time there that I am present and honored with those lucky moments…when the light is just right…when creating a beauty shot for a two page spread becomes effortless, as nature has done the job for me! I also get to play the role of photographer when attending most TPA and Docent related events. This includes documenting them for the Journal and historical purposes. The group has gotten a lot of positive feedback on the Journal for the design, copy and photography.